We need leaders that will guide us out of the current public health and financial crises with a vision to rebuild our city in ways that are compassionate and inclusive. Below are some of the ideas and solutions I will champion as a Member of the City Council.


The Economy

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak,  we were facing real economic issues. Today, there are high levels of income disparity with too many people living paycheck to paycheck. In the post-COVID world, repairing our economy will be especially challenging, but it does represent an opportunity to ensure that more people become participants in our future economic success.

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Climate and Energy

It’s in our best interest to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Our own health and the health of our planet depend on it. There are ways that communities can help with this conversion to produce lower energy costs, create “green” jobs, and lessen health impacts. As your Council Member I will work to make sure our communities will take advantage of innovation and avoid any fallout of the new regulations being put into place.

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The goal of education should be to create lifelong learners and produce happy, engaged citizens that will be equipped to respond to an ever-changing world. Currently, our K-12 system measures success by top-down tests and bureaucracy. When the system is designed around these objectives, real-world learning opportunities are often overlooked. As a City Council Member I will prioritize funding programs that teach the whole child and encourage their creativity and curiosity.


Transit and Traffic

We all rely on public transportation systems and roads to commute to work, run errands, visit our families, and more - with varying degrees of success and frustration. While there have been heated debates about these issues, mass transit and traffic go hand in hand. As a Council Member, I will work to bring transit advocates and drivers together and have them collaborate to support shared interests.

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Future of Rikers

In 2026, Rikers Island will cease to act as a prison after decades of operation. An application to change its designation to a public place on the city map is currently in process and receiving support from the Community Board, the City Council and the Mayor’s office. We must start planning for the use of the island now and ensure that it benefits our communities appropriately. 

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At present, there are 1.73 million seniors 60 years of age and over, representing 20% of the city’s population. 1 in 5 of our seniors live in poverty and over 1 in 4 report challenges with mobility and self-care. I am committed to helping our elder residents ensure their dignity and quality of life as they remain a vital part of our communities.