Transit & Traffic

We all rely on public transportation systems and roads to commute to work, run errands, visit our families with varying degrees of success and frustration. While there have been heated debates about these issues, mass transit and traffic go hand in hand. As a Council Member, I will work to bring transit advocates and drivers together and have them collaborate to support shared interests. My plan also calls for continued investments in safe, alternative transportation options.

  • Making Open Streets permanent. The program has proven to increase pedestrian and bike safety, reduce carbon emissions, generate higher revenue for small businesses and allows the residents themselves to be the owners of their public space. Open Streets is necessary during the pandemic and the concept should be more widely adopted post-COVID as well.

  • Studying Zone Parking Permits. With Congestion Pricing set to begin next year, our neighborhood will be a breeding ground for people leaving their vehicles parked to avoid tolls and fees for entering Manhattan. Many cities have implemented successful residential parking programs. As your City Council Member I will prioritize funding a study to ensure adequate parking for District residents.

  • Building more busways. Creating a dedicated lane with no obstructing traffic for buses is proven to get buses moving faster.  We need more projects like the 14th St Busway and to continue to map out areas where we can build more dedicated bus lanes, enforced with cameras, to improve mass transit.

  • Building infrastructure for bicycles. I support the Regional Plan Association’s 5 Borough Bikeway plan to create a citywide network of protected, continuous, priority bike lanes so commuters can travel safely and efficiently. I also support Increasing the number of bike racks so bicyclists can safely lock up their bikes in order to shop locally, spend at local restaurants, and visit family and friends.