Housing Affordability

Safe and affordable housing is a critical issue that affects so many renters and yet the city’s current solutions to housing affordability and fixing NYCHA are insufficient. As a Council Member, I will fight to change the current approach from  “top down” planning to a “bottom-up” approach led by community residents and civic organizations. My platform calls for developing a greater supply of safe, affordable housing while maintaining the character of our communities.


  • Strategic Zoning. Strategic zoning is the most effective tool for solving the housing affordability crisis. District 22 has no zoning for mid- to high-rise buildings. With an analysis driven by the community’s input, strategic zoning will increase the number of housing units and drive down rents.

  • Strategic Owners. Community development corporations, land trusts, and faith-based developers are drivers of affordable housing and related social benefits. I will prioritize development by such “strategic owners” that ensure that both homeownership and rental opportunities are affordable and the mix of commercial and community spaces developed serve all residents.

  • Convert Basement Apartments. Illegal basement dwellings present grave dangers to tenants, are not taxed, or included in official housing data. I support expanding the Basement Apartment Conversion Pilot program to give more homeowners financing to convert their basement into a safe, legal dwelling.

  • NYCHA Tenant Improvements. The authority struggles to provide safe and humane living conditions, including at the Astoria Houses. I will fight to have the required improvements while also pursuing long-term remedies, like a public benefit corporation, so tenants’ voices are heard and incorporated.

  • Streamline Approval Processes. Getting projects approved is burdensome and expensive, leading developers to build luxury high-rises to recoup their costs. By shortening the approval process while maintaining the integrity of the review, more developers will be incentivized to build housing for working families.

  • Comprehensive Planning. The City has too many agencies and ineffective plans to solve the affordable housing crisis. Additionally, the land use process is broken, benefiting wealthy communities at the expense of working families. I support a Comprehensive Planning framework, with meaningful community input, to solve historic inequities and have all neighborhoods deliver their fair share of affordable housing.