Climate & Energy

Climate change is undeniable and we must take swift action to tackle the climate emergency. Carbon-reducing laws and programs are a good start. However, to create a sustainable, resilient city of the future, we need a long-term strategy, matched by investments in climate-resilient infrastructure and clean energy technologies., In doing so, we can cultivate a “clean energy economy” that produces millions of good-paying union jobs and a vibrant small business sector. As your Council Member I will marshal every part of our government, work directly with communities, and harness the enormous capabilities of our universities and industries to build a better, cleaner, healthier future for our city.

  • Promoting and Enforcing Local Law 97. Buildings must meet certain compliance thresholds by 2024 and 40% emissions reductions by 2030, with steep fines for not complying or submitting inaccurate reports. To get compliance and realize  the benefits, I will start the planning and education processes and prevent landlords from passing on unjustified compliance cost increases.

  • Rikers Island and Clean Energy. I support legislating the redevelopment of the island to include sources of renewable energy and in quantities sufficient to close peaker and wastewater plants, freeing up land for other community needs.

  • Create a Green Energy Economy. The city’s Climate Mobilization Act of 2019 will create a healthier environment in the way we live and work. This transformation is also an unprecedented job and business creation opportunity. My plan calls for investing in Career and Technical Education programs and skills training programs in emerging clean energy technologies that will lead to union jobs and support for creating small businesses that provide new services.

  • Resiliency Planning and Spending. With 520 miles of coastline, rising sea levels threaten the city. After Superstorm Sandy, $14.7 billion in federal money was provided but the city has failed to spend a large portion of these grants and they expire in September 2022. Nor has the city developed a comprehensive, citywide coastal resiliency plan. I will work to see that these urgent needs are addressed.

  • Transportation. To further reduce carbon emissions, my plan would fund alternative transportation methods, dedicated bus lanes, invest in charging stations for electric cars, and support congestion pricing.

  • Restart and expand Sanitation’s organics recycling program. Organic waste makes up ⅓ of our garbage and ends up rotting in landfills which emit harmful methane gases. I support investing in the proper infrastructure to expand this program, which pays for itself overtime.